Enjoy a true taste of Latin America for just 6.95

Available Monday - Thursday 5pm until 7pm
Friday - Sunday 12pm until 7pm

Choose one drink and one tapas dish from the selection below:


(Regular, Passionfruit and Raspberry)
The strongest national cocktail of Brazil. Fun to make, easy to drink but hard to say. Our Caipirinha is made using Pitu Cachaca by artfully smashing together fresh limes and our homemade syrup to tantalise your tastebuds.

Pina Colada
If you do indeed like pina colada’s our recipe based on the Puerto rican classic will leave you drunk in the rain. Served beach style blended, with Havana especial, fresh pineapple and cocount milk. With a cherry on top!

This modern classic should not be underestimated. Shaken with Skyy Citrus, fresh citrus fruits, and cranberry juice.

White russian
Sweet, creamy and boozy this drink is perfect for those not having dessert. Vodka, kahlua, milk and cream, finished with flamed chocolate sprinkles.


Homemade lemonade or citrus blast


Plain Nachos (V)
Home cooked nachos sprinkled with chilli seasoning served with homemade dips.

Garri dusted golden fried calamari
Cayenne pepper dusted calamari with garlic coriander sauce.

Slow cooked lamb meatballs served with mint chipotle sauce.

Jerk chicken wings
Marinated chicken wings marinated in jerk sauce.

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