Monday - Thursday 12pm until 6pm

Choose any dishes off our express lunch menu and receive 10% off your food bill. (discount not applicable for Vivo Tapas Treats offer.)

Appetisers (Entremesses)

Nachos (V) 5.95
Home cooked nachos sprinkled with chilli seasoning, served with homemade dip

Mini Taco Shell 5.95
Taco shells filled with BBQ pulled beef, Colombian veg salsa and fajita chicken filling with lettuce, pickled onions, jalapenos and baby radish.

Albondigas  (lamb or chicken) 5.95
Slow cooked lamb or chicken meat balls served with guajillo chilli sauce

Mexican bruschetta selection 4.95
BBQ pulled beef, Colombian veg salsa and fajita chicken topping served on toasted ciabatta, rubbed with garlic and finished with balsamic glaze

Latin homemade bread with dips (V) 4.95
Coriander, chilli, garlic & olivers infused bread with sour cream, guacamole & tomato salsa

Garri dusted golden fried calamari 5.95
Smoked paprika dustd calamari with garlic coriander dip

Quesadilla served with salad & tomato salsa, guacamole & sour cream

Spiced chicken, cheese & peppers 5.95
Mushroom, cheese & peppers (V) 4.95
Beef cheese & peppers 5.95

Fried empanadas served with salad

Spicy beef with guajillo sauce 5.95
Feta cheese, olive and sundried tomato with cranberry salsa (V) 4.95
Shrimps & plantain with ranch dip 5.95

Ensalads (salads)

Spiced taco shell
Filled with lettuce. peppers, baby radish, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & house dressing served with choice of topping:

Marinated chicken breast with peppers & onions 7.95
Beef with peppers & onions 8.95
Cottage cheese with peppers & onions (V) 7.95

Pan-fried salmon steak (GF) 9.95
Salmon steak served with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, radish & house dressing

Haloumi cheese (V) 7.95
Grilled marinated haloumi cheese salad with mixed lettuce, baby radish, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers & mango salsa

Chicken & chorizo churrasco 9.95
Grilled chicken & chorizo skewer with house salad, corn on the cob & guajillo sauce

Sharing Platters (Socius Discis)

Vivo chicken wings (Single portion or sharing portion) (GF) 4.95 / 8.95
Chicken wings served with selection of any one sauce for single portion and selection of three sauces for sharing portion: Jerk sauce, chimichurri sauce & vivo harissa sauce

Latin Classics

Seafood moqueca (Brazilian) (Ask for GF) 14.95
Mixed seafood (king prawns, calamari & tilapia fish) cooked in creamy coconut curry with peppers, garlic & tomatoes, sweet plantain, Mexican rice & puffed rice coconut farofa

Vegetable moqueca (Brazilian) (Ask for GF) (V) 12.95
Butternut squash, palm hearts & spinach cooked in creamy coconut curry with peppers, garlic & tomatoes, sweet plantain, Mexican rice & puffed rice coconut farofa

Chicken XINXIM (Brazilian) (N) (Ask for GF) 13.95
Chicken cooked in a creamy lime & peanut sauce with Mexican rice, sweet plantain & puffed rice coconut farofa

Carne Guisada (Argentinian) (Ask for GF) 14.95
Marinated diced beef slow cooked with root vegetables served with Mexican rice, grilled tortilla & fried plantain

Albondigas (Lamb or chicken) 14.95
Slow cooked lamb or chicken meat balls in guajillo sauce with Mexican rice & grilled tortillas

Chicken tinga burrito 10.95
Chicken thigh cooked in tomato, onion & guajillo sauce stuffed in a tortilla wrap, with black turtle beans & Tex-Mex cheese, served with Mexican rice, salad and dips

Pulled beef burrito 10.95
Spiced BBQ pulled beef stuffed in a tortilla wrap, with black turtle beans and Tex-Mex cheese, served with Mexican rice, salad and dips

Chicken enchilada 10.95
Fajita spiced chicken strips folded with peppers and onions rolled in a tortilla topped with guajillo sauce on a bed of Mexican rice, black turtle bean sauce and cheese sprinkles

Butternut squash & spinach enchilada (V) 9.95
Roasted butternut squash, spinach, onions, peppers and coconut filled wrap topped with guajillo sauce on a bed of Mexican rice, black turtle bean sauce and cheese sprinkles

Sandwich Selection

Pulled BBQ Beef 5.95
BBQ pulled stripped beef in toasted white or brown bread with chips and salad

Chicken fajita wrap 5.95
Wrap filled with fajita chicken, cheese and peppers with chips and salad

Cottage cheese chimichanga wrap (V) 5.95
Wrap filled with cottage cheese, peppers and onions in a smoky tomato base sauce with chips and salad

Sausage and caramelised onion 5.95
Grilled sausages and caramelised onion on a ciabatta bread with jerk sauce, chips and salad

Chicken tinga sandwich 5.95
Chicken tinga in a toasted brioche bread served with pickled onion, chips and salad

Latin Flame Grill

All grilled main course are served with any one of the following house sauces: vivo harissa (H!), chimichurri sauce & BBQ Jerk sauce

Peruvian half chicken (Ask for GF) 14.95
Marinated grilled half chicken with potato wedges or Mexican rice, salad & choice of any one sauce

Surf & Turf (Ask for GF) 17.95
Marinated 10oz sirloin steak & three harissa king prawns with salad, chips and corn on the cob

Chicken & chorizo churrasco 14.95
Marinated diced chicken and chorizo sausage churrasco glazed with guajillo chilli sauce served with salad, chips & corn on the cob

BBQ pork ribs (Ask for GF) 15.95
Overnight marinated slow cooked pork ribs served with salad, chips, onion rings and corn on the cob

Burgers & Hot Dogs

Classic burgers

Plain 7.95
Tex mex Cheese 8.95

Chilli con carne & cheese burger 10.95
Burger topped with chilli con carne and cheese

Chicken burger 9.95
Grilled chicken burger marinated in fajita spice & topped with Monterey Jack cheese

Mexican bean burger (v) 8.95
Crushed mixed beans patty with melted cheese

Vivo beef chilli hot dog 9.95
Hot dog topped with chilli & cheese, served with chips & salad

Accompanantes (Side Orders)

Chilli cheese chips topped with chilli con carne & cheese (H!) 3.95
Cheesy chips 2.50
House salad (GF) 2.50
Corn on the cob (GF) 2.50
Spiced patatas 2.50
Fat chips fried & dusted with chilli seasoning
Two 6” tortillas wraps 1.00
Black turtle bean rice 2.50
Mexican rice 2.50
Spiced potato wedges 2.50
Sweet plantain (5 pieces) 2.50


Crispy churros 4.95
Cinnamon sugar dusted churros with dulce de leche sauce or chocolate sauce

Crispy churros with chocolate centre 4.95
Cinnamon sugar dusted chocolate centred churros with dulce de leche sauce or chocolate sauce

Creamy rice & coconut pudding 4.95
Rich creamy coconut and rice pudding with strawberry compote  

Chilli chocolate fondant 4.95
Chilli infused dark chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate fudge cake 4.95
Warm chocolate sponge cake with vanilla ice cream

Vanilla cheesecake 4.95
Cheese cake with caramel sauce and macadamia nuts

Selection of 3 scoop ice cream 2.95
Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate

Selection of 2 scoop sorbet 3.95
Mango & lemon

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